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One of Mark's greatest assets as a leader in the hair fashion industry is his uncanny loyalty to his clients. Here are some of the "tools of the trade" that Mark uses to keep him ahead in the Industry.

Scroll down the page to take a look at some of the things Mark endorses on a regular basis, that keep his clients happy, and coming back again, and again.

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Great Lengths Essentials

nxt Shampoo No. 4, Anti-Static
Designed for us prior to a Great Lengths application, this deep cleansing shampoo utilizes a special polymer for the removal of cationic sediments, thoroughly cleansing the client's natural strands in readiness for the application of Great Lengths strands. Also recommended for use after Great Lengths removal services for he elimination of any Keratin ProteinBond residue.

nxt Conditioner
structural Care for dry and slightly strained hair, he Jojoba oil (Biopure) in nxt Conditioner is utilized to combat over-processed strands, reduce tangling and increase body, sheen and manageability.

nxt Shampoo No. 1, Repair & Gloss
Designed with Jajoba Hydro Effect for dry hair, this treatment shampoo improves hairs' moisture balance, cleanses gently yet thoroughly, reduces tangling and matting, and improves comb-ability, body and sheen.

nxt Vital care Lotion
Structural Care, leave-in treatment for normal to dry hair, nxt Vital Care contains silk protein and D Panthenol to produce shine and body, reduce tangling and matting, and improve comb-ability. Suitable for use on wet or dry hair.

nxt Shampoo No. 2, Hydro-Active
Formulated with Alpha Keratin to specifically address strained, damaged and long hair, this shampoo is perfect for over-processed hair. Regular use results in shiny, healthy, tangle-free hair.

nxt Energy Conditioner
Intensive structional care for dry, damaged, severely strained hair, nxt Energy Conditioner is excellent for the restructuring of over-processed hair. It creates shine and body, reduces tangling and matting, and improves manageability.

nxt Shampoo No. 3, Daily
Containing Vitamin Structure for normal hair, this shampoo is excellent for daily use to maintain harmony between the Great Lengths strands and the client's natural hair.

nxt Serum Hair Fluid
Suitable on wet or dry hair, this weightless serum adds intense shine, reduces frizziness on over porous dry hair and smoothes split ends. Ideal for long hair.

nxt Anti-Tap Water
This reformulated, leave-in, pH-regulator contains keeratin amino acids to eliminate the damaging effects of alkalinity, create natural shine and body, and improve the hairs moisture balance. It also successfully reduces frizziness in humid conditions, reduces color fade, greatly reduces tangling and matting, and penetrates and smoothes the cuticle layer. Creating the ideal pH environment, nxt Anti-Tap Water is designed to work in conjunction with all nxt extension treatment products.

Many  top brands of shampoo and conditioners to meet your personal needs, also handy tools like the ceramic chi iron  or clip-on extensions, by way of special order. Feel free to contact me so we can talk. It will be my pleasure to help you in all your hair care needs.

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